Your Future starts with us.
Jun 16, 2020

Messages from GSSST teaching and administrative staff to Class 2020

“We grew together and we learned from each other. We taught you to strive at excellence in everything you do… but most importantly, we endeavored to teach you the importance of integrity, inclusivity and hard work. Thank you for being an exemplary generation.” Senad Alić, GSSST Principal

"Today marks the end of one chapter of your life, a chapter during which you grew, matured, gained knowledge and experience and made friends. You are slowly moving towards a new part of your journey, so try to enjoy every moment of your studies and every new experience. Remember the good times and always try to improve yourselves. Be good people, always." Vildana Ćelović, Bosnian/Croatioan/Serbian teacher

“Your high school years have been a great adventure, marked with wonderful memories, lasting friendships and great educational experiences. You now embark on a new journey, and we hope that the lessons of school and of life we have taught you will remain with you forever, and help you along the way. May your path lead you to some wonderful places, and don't forget to enjoy the views!” Adna Pandžo, English language teacher

“It was my pleasure to be a part of your school days, and I am so proud of all of you. Be hardworking, be wise; try always to be the best version of yourselves.” Enisa Ćehajić, School Pedagogue

 “You have learned about history, but from today you have a new story, your own story to write. I wish you much joy, much happiness, as you embark on this new exciting chapter of your life.” Adrijana Ibričić, History teacher

“I want you to see new challenges as new opportunities, to be creative and unique, to know that this world needs you exactly for you who are.” Indira Rovčanin, Art teacher

“Ich hoffe, ihr alle werdet eure Wünsche erfüllen und werdet Freude bei der Arbeit und am Studium haben. Bleibt so wie ihr seid.” Nadina Ismić-Skrobanović, German language teacher

“This is not a finish line, it is a new beginning. Believe in yourselves. You will achieve remarkable things.” Armin Zahirović, Geography teacher

“I wish you to be passionate about everything you do in your life. To apply yourself with commitment and complete tasks you undertake. What is worth doing, is worth doing well. I wish you all the best.” Lejla Lojo-Karamehmedović, PR and Administration Coordinator

“Be curious, be skeptical and critical. Always and continuously expand your horizons. Question everything. Never stop reading. Search for knowledge and seek the truth, it is out there.” Darian Pokaz, TOK, Sociology, Philosophy and Logic teacher

“Only education brings true freedom and only the free can form a happy and healthy society. I wish you to be a part of such a society.” Lejla Čiva, Physics teacher

“As you embark on new experiences and new opportunities, remember your dreams, your values, and the endless potential each one of you holds within. Believe in yourselves as much as I believe in you.” Maja Misira Rašić, Psychology teacher

“Omnia mea mecum porto. Your humanity, your character and your knowledge are the only things no one can ever take from you, and the only things you can always carry with you.” Adnana Hadžić, Latin language teacher

“I wish you a bright and successful future, both in your academic and personal life. And may the science be with you!” Amina Agić Alijagić, Biology teacher

“Follow you dreams, yet always remember: if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate!” Lejla Čaušević, Chemistry teacher

“Often the best moments in our personal development follow a time when we feel scared and even unprepared for an unknown new step. Take the leap and follow your heart, the best is yet to come.” Nikolina Vujić, Music teacher

“Stay positive, focused, and work hard. I will always remember you, my first generation of students. I feel lucky to have been your teacher.” Murisa Habibić, Physics teacher

“I appreciate all the hard work and all the effort you’ve put in. We learned so much together. I wish you all the best going forward, and to never forget: math is all around us!” Merima Isanović, Math teacher

“To all the young athletes: if you love a sport, I promise you that with hard and committed work, results will follow. For the rest, remember to stay active. It is a vital part of living a good life. Ride your bicycles or join a gym. It will help with academic work as well, giving you energy and structure to benefit your student days.” Nerim Herenda, PE teacher

“Do not accept anything average, try always for the best. Once you become very successful and rich, please remember your IT teacher.” Ahmed Botonjic, ICT teacher

"I am happy you have been a part of our family and I wish you all the best in your further studies." Arman Šojko, Extracurricural Activities Manager 

"Dear graduates, you are the first generation of SSST Gymnasium, and I feel honored for being a part of your high-school days. I sincerely wish you happiness, health and success." Emir Guta, Security officer