Sample Examination

The written component of GSSST Entrance Exam assesses beginning through pre-intermediate level English grammar and vocabulary covered at the primary education level, as well as comprehension skills. The grammar and vocabulary tasks evaluate candidates’ knowledge of elementary tenses, Present Simple and Continuous and Past Simple and Continuous, irregular verbs, sentence formation – question and negative forms, prepositions and word formation (verbs into nouns, adjectives into nouns). Within the comprehension part of the examination, candidates are assigned to read a mid-length text of about 400 words, answer the follow-up multiple-choice questions closely related to it, and compose two short essays, of about 250 words each, in response to instructions concerning their opinions on and experiences with the issues raised in the text.

Candidates have 90 minutes at their disposal for the written portion of the entrance exam. Following the completion of the written exam, candidates meet with school’s administrative and teaching staff representatives for a short interview concerning students' curricular and extracurricular pursuits, their interest in GSSST and other. The interview is conducted in the English language.

Entrance Examination SAMPLE