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Jun 01, 2021

Acknowledgments for laureates and Cantonal competitions participants

Last Friday, a reception was organized in the library of the SSST Gymnasium for students who participated and achieved notable results in the recently held cantonal competitions. On this occasion, Senad Alić, the principal of the SSST Gymnasium thanked the students and pointed out the significance of participating in competitions, as well as the need to develop a competitive spirit. GSSST certificates of appreciation, as well as appropriate gifts, were handed over to the students, but also to the teachers who prepared the students for the competitions.
First grade student Alejna Kadić received a letter of thanks from the SSST Gymnasium for winning second place in the Cantonal German language competition. Lea Ćatović also received a letter of thanks for participating in the Cantonal German Language Competition.
Letters of thanks for participating in the Cantonal competition in B / H / S language and literature were awarded to students Sara Humić (sixth place in second grade category) and Nejra Džaferović (fourth place in third grade category). Amela Radonja, who won sixth place in the category of third grade, received letters of thanks for participating in the Cantonal competition in English language.
A special contribution to these competitions and the achieved results of the SSST Gymnasium at the cantonal level was bestowed by the teachers: Nadina Ismić-Skrobanović (German language), Vildana Ćelović (B / H / S language and literature) and Adna Pandžo (English language).