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Oct 14, 2020

Dženana Kuloglija holds a lecture titled "Adolescents with Family"

The second of Mental Health and Drug Awareness Week lectures, organized by the Gymnasium SSST, was given by psychologist and therapist Dženana Kuloglija from Family Counselling Center of Sarajevo Canton.  

Dženana spoke of "Adolescents with Family" and spoke to our students about the perceptions of family and family relations from the perspective of teenagers. On this occasion, Dženana pointed out that it is very important for teenagers to share their dilemmas, worries and problems with their parents/guardians. 

The Gymnasium SSST thanks the Family Counselling Center and professor Dženana for her time and the lecture she gave. 

On Wednesday, our students had the opportunity to see an art exhibition of works of art painted by our students on the topic of "Mental disorders and emotions from the artist's perspective." The exhibition was held at the school library. 

An online workshop for parents was also held yesterday. The workshop on the topic "How to help children during stressful periods in their lives" will be led by psychologist Maja Misira Rašić and school counsellor Enisa Ćehajić.